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Blanquilt™You might be wondering, what exactly is a Blanquilt™? Well, that is a great question, and at American Quilt Co., we can explain that to you. We have pioneered the Blanquilt™, which is exactly what the name suggests, one part blanket, and one part quilt. We are very proud of this creation, and it has generated a buzz across the country, due in part to the kind words of our valued customers. A Blanquilt™ from American Quilt Co. is a hybrid blanket quilt, and what makes it extra unique is the fact that it is made from your own t-shirts. In this way, a Blanquilt™ is a personalized item that is special to each individual who orders one. An American Quilt Co. Blanquilt™ will keep you warm, and spruce up your space at the same time. With complete customization, the design options are limitless. It is sure to make a great addition to your living room, bedroom, or workspace, and can make a thoughtful and unforgettable gift.

A Blanquilt™ is made using your own favorite t-shirts, and is complete with a super-soft minky-fleece backing that is five times softer than traditional fleece. We are extremely proud of the softness and quality of our products, and we work hard each and every day to be able to provide them to our customers. Customers love the softness and high build quality of our custom Blanquilts™. We are constantly hearing about how much they use their Blanquilts™ and how many great comments and compliments they receive.

An Easy-To-Make Custom Blanquilt™

If you are looking to build a custom-made Blanquilt™, American Quilt Co. makes it easy with our unique process. Our Free Ship-Kit includes everything needed to complete the custom order process in a simple and streamlined way. With this kit, you will receive a postcard detailing all of the instructions for the process, along with a link to our video tutorial. Additionally, the kit comes with a set of stickers used to label your t-shirts in the preferred order for the quilt, and a convenient bag in which to ship your t-shirts. Blanquilt™ creation is as easy as 1-2-3 for customers, and we are always hearing great things about the process and its results.

We believe that a Blanquilt™ is a great investment in terms of its comfort and quality. We are passionate about our products, as well as making sure they meet the high standards of our valued customers. We want you to feel good about your Blanquilt™ and how it is made, ensuring that your t-shirts are made into a beautiful, useful, and versatile blanket. A Blanquilt™ is a special way to utilize your t-shirts, recycling them and giving them a second lifetime. Of course, a Blanquilt™ is not limited to only t-shirts. We also accept polo shirts, button downs, and tank tops. However, t-shirts are by far the most popular option. If you have a particular request for an article of clothing, please let us know and we can try our best to accommodate the request. We are happy to meet your needs for our products, and we want to make sure it meets all of your specifications in terms of Blanquilt™ customization, if at all possible.

A Sustainable Blanquilt™ That Will Look Great And Keep You Warm

If you are looking for something more than your everyday blanket, or for a customized centerpiece that will complete your bedroom or living room, a Blanquilt™ is the way to go. We can help you create this perfect piece with our simple ordering process, and fast and free shipping options. With our Stars & Stripes Pre-Paid Shipping option, we will get your t-shirts within two days, and will start crafting a beautiful Blanquilt™ with them as soon as possible. You can feel good about ordering a Blanquilt™ from American Quilt Co., as our products are sustainably-made, providing an opportunity for reuse to clothing that might not be worn as much as it could be. This means that less t-shirts will be sitting in landfills, and will serve a useful purpose. Sustainability is important to us as a company, especially regarding the creation of Blanquilts™, as the recycling of t-shirts prevents about 5 billion tons of waste a year. Additionally, all of our quilts and pillow products are made in the USA. We are proud of the way the Blanquilt™ and all of our other products are produced, and it is important to us that our commitment to a high quality American quilt never wavers.

Our free prep kit makes the Blanquilt™ ordering process simple, and avoids you having to cut up or alter your t-shirts in any way, and you will avoid any kind of hidden fees. We believe in the value of transparency, convenience, and an overall great customer experience. Making sure the needs of our customers are accounted for is a vital part of our business, and we would not be the company we are today if we did not care about this. We are happy to help you through every step of the Blanquilt™ creation process, if necessary. We want to make sure you avoid any type of inconvenience or roadblock, and it is our mission to instill confidence in all of our customers that they are investing in a product of the highest quality. If you have any questions about any part of our Blanquilt™ ordering or creation process, please feel free to contact our excellent customer service team.

Buy A Blanquilt™ For Your Home Today

If you are convinced about a Blanquilt™ from American Quilt Co., then waste no more time and order today! We hope you will consider our products, as they are made with love and great care. It is our goal that you enjoy your Blanquilt™, and that it serves you and your home well for many years to come. If you have any questions for our team, about our products, our offerings, our products, or anything else of the sort, please feel free to call American Quilt Co. at 800 392 2489. Remember, when it comes to ordering a soft and luxurious customized Blanquilt™, there is no better time than right now!

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