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Our Proud Promise.

We promise to provide an exceptional customer experience from the moment you visit our site until you receive your Blanquilt™ and/or Blanquilt™ Pillow - and even afterwards! We make ourselves available every step of the way so that we can provide our customers with the best t-shirt quilt and pillow experience in the industry. We have been manufacturing textiles since 1980 in the USA.
1. Produce the best, highest quality t-shirt Blanquilts™ and Blanquilt™ Pillows. 
2. Make preparation and shipping a no-hassle experience.
3. Provide exceptional customer care with NO hidden manufacturing fees, and FREE shipping supplies.
How is it easy?
Each order includes our famous FREE Prep-Kit, making preparation simple, fast, and convenient - no cutting required!
Includes pre-addressed shipping bag, placement stickers, and more.

Why are we trusted? 
Every shipment is Patriot Protected™ - which means each  shipment is fully insured in our eco-friendly water-resistant bags.
Each shipment is fully trackable each way, with email notifications at every step!

How do we make the best Blanquilts™and Blanquilt Pillows™? 
First, with our stellar customer service.
Second, with our minky-fleece backing - 5x softer than traditional fleece.
American Quilt Company manufactures the highest quality t-shirt quilts and pillows in the industry and provides the highest rated customer service, period.

What are t-shirt Blanquilts™ and Blanquilt™ Pillows?

American Quilt Co. t-shirt Blanquilts™ are a hybrid of a blanket and a quilt, made of t-shirts sewn together with a luxurious backing. American Quilt Co. Blanquilts™ are the highest quality t-shirt quilts available. We make preparing and shipping your t-shirts to us easy. We are also the only company to make custom t-shirt placement simple!

American Quilt Co. t-shirt Blanquilt™ Pillows are a spin on our original product - they include a perma-soft pillow insert and a zipper for easy washing!

Using your t-shirts and minky-fleece backing 5x softer than traditional fleece, American Quilt Company manufactures the highest quality t-shirt quilts and pillows in the industry, period. 

Above all, our t-shirt Blanquilts™ and Blanquilt™ Pillows are proudly made in the U.S.A. with over 25 years of manufacturing experience!

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